Up your hair game

Embrace the lock down hair with these unique hair accessories to glow up any hair disasters!

We know hair dressers are opening soon but let’s face it, there’s probably a long wait! We have a selected few tools to help you out in the meantime.

First of all, whenever that dull hair needs a lift and you’re not up for the DIY hair dye at home then a sassy sparkly clip is the way to upping your hair game. Clip up the sides to create a half up half down hairstyle which creates a shorter more lighter feeling and also covering those sneaky greys at the same time… perfect!

Set of 3 Petal Clips  Set of Bee Clips

These set of three clips in particular are the perfect tool to discover your inner natural hair beauty, let the clip do the talking as you stride back into work with a fresh do. We’ve styled them here to show you the most fool proof way of never letting those grey straggles go astray. 

Pink Petal Headband

If clips aren’t your thing and you’d rather get your hair out of your face in one swift swoop then this Alice band is the one for you, push that overgrown fringe right back with these elegant head bands, you’ll never look back!

Round Hair Clip

Alternatively, if you prefer something a little less obvious and a little more laid-back we have these gorgeous golden clips to simply slip back your hair and let you get on with your day, keep one of these in your bag and you’ll never be caught out!