Spring/Summer 2023


We shot this campaign in minus 5 degrees in December. Scroll on and a different picture emerges as we share our spring/summer mood board with you.

This collection feels bigger than ever as we pile on the layers and introduce an influx of new jewellery, slogans and statement pieces. All beautifully shot in a magical treehouse for a change of season.

Doris pieces made by Doris people. We've gone all-out with detail, individualism, texture, and charm; and it feels fresh. You can mix, match or clash to your heart's content.

Dedicated to supporting independent businesses and sticking together, we create joyful pieces - to lift looks and moods - and we hope you notice that in no time.


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Shoutouts and special thanks to:

@west_lexham for the incredible treehouse - our magical location backdrop.
My Doris stockists: @lutherandcoconwy and @pinklemonsboutique for the spring wardrobe.
Make-up by the super-talented Rosie D.
Our glowing model @georgia_butlerr, signed to Sandra Reynolds.