Welcome to High Summer

Relaxed and colourful - this collection is sunshine ready. Ready for beach days and vacation plans.

Discover rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces to compliment the fun-loving and laid-back spirit of the season. Cue playful palms, boho beads, and artful charms.

Easy breezy, effortless accessories and new homeware arrivals - it's time for a summer shake up.


Artisan Crafts | Kantha

Layers of preloved fabric mixed with the humble running stitch to create something entirely new - a textile tradition that originated in the Bengal region of India.

What our customers say....


I love My Doris products - big on personality. Chic and fun - a difficult combination to achieve. They're at a very accessible price point and look way more expensive than they are - fantastic value and quality. I like buying from indie brands and being part of their journey.


Some of my favourite earrings in the world - beautiful, sparkly and large, but not heavy!

Linda, Kent

I am obsessed with cushions! Your homeware is super stylish - the jolt of colour is just what i needed to lift my bedroom.

No two cushions are the same - how wonderful is that!

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