We are thrilled to offer this service, which allows you to create your own distinctive designs - custom-made jewellery, accessories and homeware to suit your specifications.   

We connect your style and vision with our joyful approach to design and production to create a bespoke piece that is unique to your brand and purpose.

What to expect:

Our experienced, in-house creative team will thoughtfully design and execute your idea - providing a detailed quote.

Consultation: chat directly with your Doris designer in person or over video calls.

Moodboards, designs and samples will be shared for development and approval throughout the creative process.

We will oversee production down to the last detail. Your design will be carefully crafted by hand in India, by the local artisans we’ve entrusted with our designs since we first started in 2017. We are so proud of the quality and craftsmanship we can offer.  

On project completion you will have the rights to resell the product and apply your branding.