A homage to our artisans

Here at My Doris we take pride in the making of each and every one of our products and the ethics are so important to us which is why we are so excited and proud to show you what happens behind the scenes here at My Doris.

Handcrafted Patterned Enamel Short Necklace

Our beautiful artisans strive to create the most timeless unique pieces while aiming for the best quality of products at the same time. The artisans strive in creating things that amalgamates the past, present and the future to render timeless cultural design that it has to offer.

They embrace each raw material used to conceive designs, which are undisputedly authentic. The styles seem effortless yet exude elegance. Working directly with skilled craftsmen, each product is an honest effort towards providing you with sheer beauty. 

Handcrafted Brass Pineapple Long Chain

How they’re made:

From making hand moulded units in kilns to dying cotton yarn and then using hand-weaving technique to create various designs. Numerous women in and around Delhi, NCR, who were sitting at home now have the opportunity hand-weave in their homes day and night and thereby giving them not just employment and money but also respect in the society.

All products are handmade, from the making of the raw material to the weaving of jewelry it is all done by hand. The metal used is casting metal which is lead and nickel free. Whilst various techniques have been developed in house to make different designs, making products unique to you.

Double Drop Aqua Snow

We feel it is so important for our customers to have an insight into what happens behind the scenes at My Doris especially when it comes to the artisans themselves.

All images are from their workplace.