Quick Five...

...with our Christmas model, Deryn Smith. 

What do you enjoy most about photoshoots? 
Getting glammed up! I absolutely love having my hair and makeup done, and also love being able to try on different clothes and jewellery. 

Favourite Doris pieces from the shoot?  
I adored the rings, so gorgeous. And really liked the lobster/planet earrings with matching makeup bags - the velvet bags felt amazing!
What you are most looking forward to about this Christmas?
I am really hoping for a more normal Christmas this year - being able to spend time with both my family and my husbands' family. Seeing the kids' faces first thing in the morning. And of course - the food!!

What's on your Christmas wish list?  
It may sound cliché but my wish list these days is all about the kids! As long as they are happy, I'm happy.

Favourite cocktail?  
Pornstar Martini - yum!

Deryn xx