Artisan Expressed

My Doris founder, Katie Williamson, set out to create uplifting, well-made jewellery and accessories, showcasing artisans' talents and techniques.

My Doris designs are carefully handmade, celebrating the luxury of craftsmanship. We work directly with local artisans and independent producers in India, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Vietnam. These hand-picked ateliers have become our long-term partners - an extension of our Suffolk team and part of the Doris family.

Renowned for their passion, unmatched quality and attention to detail - their crafts and techniques give every My Doris piece a unique imprint and unmatched charm.


"I have always enjoyed travelling and seeking out artisan-led crafts & gifts. It’s important to us as a brand to help preserve the traditional skills and craftsmanship found in the world and to work collaboratively, respectfully and ethically with our suppliers in India and Turkey." 


We have worked with Sami, his daughter Khushboo, and their small team (pictured here) since My Doris started in 2017.

They work in Hari Nagar Ashram in southeast Delhi and bring authentic, high-quality beadwork, embroidery and colour to our designs, season after season.


A craft we celebrate that is steeped in tradition and passed down through generations.

Helping to preserve these century-old skills is so important to us.


Our contemporary range of enamel jewellery and homeware is briefed and shared with our artisan group in the Indian city of Moradabad. They hand-enamel every piece with care and dedication.

India has long used this coating method to inject colour and fun into designs. As a result, each item gets a unique finish, and slight colour variations occur. The by hand details we celebrate.


Katie has a keen eye for detail and travels to India often to catch up with our suppliers and source new talent.

Our newest producer group work under fair trade principles in Jaipur and offers a fusion of wire beadwork and fine jewellery techniques - true experts in their field.

We are thrilled to be working with them on a long-term basis - showcasing their beautiful creations and planning for future collections.