Bright Pink Cylinder Trinket Box

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Approximately 70mm x 69mm


Handmade from brass
Coloured acrylic tiles
Cotton tassels

Where its Made

New Delhi, India

Care Guide

Avoid placing in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Handle these items with care to prevent chipping or breaking.

Why should your wardrobe have all the fun!

Our Doris home collection allows your home to as bold and vibrant too!

Wow with this stunning hot pink trinket box with playful lime green & sky blue tassels. Its unique cylinder design it really is the perfect way to add not only practical storage but also a fun pop of colour to your everyday. Playful hot pink & orange tassels.

Why stop at one when you can have a collection of all three colours, as pictured. 

Meet the Makers

Our pieces are handmade from start to finish.
We create in partnership with skilled artisans in India, Turkey and Uzbekistan who take great pride in their crafts. Their traditions, techniques and time bring our designs to life and constantly inspire us.

Four years on, and we've grown to a family of designers, producers and collaborators spanning the globe - it blows our minds thinking about this sometimes. The bonds (and banter) we make along the way make this such a wonderful part of our story.